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Welcome to Troll Housing, provider of server housing
in mountain halls and zoned greenfield sites in Norway.
We offer state of the art power and communication
redundancy, and our unique location provides
air and water cooling without use of energy.

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Renewable energy and redundant infrastructure for power, cooling and communication.
Virtually unlimited cooling capacity, using both our massive fresh-water reservoir and
high capacity airflow cooling, both enabling industry-leading Power Utiization Efficiency.

Troll Housing in Short

    • Available – We are ready to receive your physical server, rack or cage and will get you connected in hours.
    • Cloud ready – Use our Cloudstack demo infrastructure to create your private virtual cloud to dry-run your next data centre.
    • Virtual – Send us your virtual machine and test it on our Vmware vSphere, Citrix XenServer, Microsoft HyperV or KVM servers.
    • Flexible – Housing of servers, racks, cages, containers, our new private data halls or halls designed to your specification.
    • Secure – The mountain halls have minimum 100m solid rock roof, and we provide access-control, interconnects and flexible facility services.
    • Redundant – we provide dual-site, single location and dual-site, dual-location redundancy.



Air Cooling

Cold air from the bottom to the top of the mine travels through several huge tunnels and ventilation
shafts, creating very efficient cooling. The inner temperature in the mountain is constantly
6-8ºC / 43-46ºF and heating from the data centre is reinforcing the natural chimney effect,
providing excellent Power Utilization Efficiency.

Water Cooling

A cold water spring provides an alternative option for natural cooling through a network of pipelines.
A large water reservoir of drinking water quality is available for cooling of high density servers
with water cooling requirements.


Troll Housing provides access to redundant communication infrastructure
from our providers Istad, Neas, Telenor and Broadnet.
Fibre connectivity options include wavelength and dark fibre connectivity,
as well as IP Transit, Internet Access, and dedicated links based on MPLS
and Carrier Ethernet products. In addition, we can provide high speed multi-gigabit
radio link connectivity for additional redundancy. We can also provide local
datacenter network connectivity from our own ISP with network redundancy.
We offer peering in Oslo, Amsterdam, London and Frankfurt with high capacity,
low latency and high reliability. Our Network Operation Centre provides
24/7/365 monitoring and ticket handling.


Our location provides 22 kV, 132kV and 420 kV on site,
as we are located at a meeting point for independent power grids.
Both hydroelectric and wind power stations are located in the proximity,
providing very low power grid loss – giving you ample access to green power.
Troll Housing provides redundant 230V and 400V local power infrastructure.

Troll Housing Location


Troll Housing is located in Eide municipality in Norway, and provides several
unique advantages for reliable IT housing services:

• Large and flexible – Troll Housing offers more than 500.000 m2 mountain halls, and more than 1.000.000 m2 zoned greenfield space outside.
• Redundant power infrastructure.
• Several vendors offers redundant fiber connectivity.
• Unique Air and Water cooling capability – enabling low PUE.
• Short distance to well connected airports.
• 4 deep-sea ports in the area.
• Three cities within short distance, hotels, restaurants and conference facilities available.